Betsy Frost

Betsy graduated with a BA in Metals from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1996 and moved into a studio in an old mill building in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston. Using tools she inherited from the late Joan Grant, a silversmith and former riding friend, Betsy crafted her first collection. She was quickly accepted into juried wholesale and retail shows. Business has been booming ever since.

Betsy's designs are fluid - reflecting her early training in dance and gymnastics, and sensual - hinting at the female form. One could say her designs have an almost Scandinavian feel. Betsy prizes shape and movement over surface texture and color. She brings her jewelry alive with links and hinges in a way that is comfortable to wear, fun and aesthetically pleasing. She works primarily in sterling silver, and her pieces are either fabricated from sheet into hollow forms, or cast through the lost-wax casting process.

Betsy currently resides in Ipswich, Massachusetts with her husband Jeff, sons Connor and Rowan, and dog Jack.

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Caged Pearl Bracelet by Betsy Frost

BSS19588/B47 PRL

Caged Pearl Earrings by Betsy Frost

ESS41376/E47F PRL

Circle Earrings by Betsy Frost


Cupcake Pearl Earrings by Betsy Frost

ESS40253/E333L WHT

Cupcake Pearl Necklace by Betsy Frost

NSS25189/P333L WHT

Cupcake Pink Pearl Earrings by Betsy Frost

ESS40261/E333L PK

Cupcake Pearl Ring by Betsy Frost

RSS08529/R333 WHT

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 25 products)