Night Fox Jewelry

The art of reticulation is a process of manipulating metal with high heat to create craters, ridges, and valleys into virtual lunar landscapes. While it's actually a highly technical process, the outcome is completely organic and impossible to control. Although the overall aesthetic is consistent, the more subtle variations are infinite, which helps keep the process fresh and exciting.

Night Fox Jewelry pieces are hand crafted from recycled sterling silver and gold using a variety of techniques-- Torch fusion, a method used to connect metal without solder, leaves clean, spatter-free lines; reticulation, where the surface of the metal is heated to melting point and then quickly cooled, crates a flowing and organic texture; and lost wax casting. Satin and high polish finishes combine to create a modern, elegant aesthetic allowing a piece to possess timeless and refined form and style. Including castings, which are never mass produced in her studio, all pieces are carved or fabricated individually so no two are ever the same.

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Extra Large Full Moon Pendant


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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 15 products)