Patty Bolz

     Patty Bolz began her career as a designer goldsmith in 1980. Since that time, she has maintained a studio and home in Camden, Maine where she lives with her husband and three children.
     Her jewelry, which has been described as a stylistic blend of ancient and contemporary, is constructed in 22K and 18K gold using traditional goldsmithing techniques. These include fusing, soldering, forming, repousse, and engraving, among others. With these techniques, she strive to achieve form and balance within each piece. While she see's jewelry as wearable adornment, she also believes that a successful piece must be capable of standing alone as a work unto itself. As in sculpture, all of the elements in a form, both metal and non-metal (including gemstones, and non-precious materials such as steel or slate) must work together within a single vision.
     Along with the overall form, the application of surface texture is integral to her work, and is achieved through a variety of methods, including fusing, engraving, stamping, hammering, stippling, chiseling, sanding, etc. Texture often serves to connect the various elements in a piece together stylistically, and adds visual dimension to my jewelry.
     Over the years, her work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the country. It has also been featured in books and publications on contemporary jewelry design.
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