5 Essentials She Will Have Forever

How many shirts do you have hanging in your closet? If you added up the cost of all your shirts that you have ever bought and compared it to the number of times you have worn them does it even out?
It is no longer about how many shirts are hanging in your closet, but rather, the practicality and lifetime of each shirt....also known as The philosophy of Quality over Quantity. those who recognize and appreciate this philosophy take into account the ethical practices of goods, how many "wears" they will get out of that one purchase, how long it will last them, how often they can wear it, and recognizing and engaging in the story behind where their products are being made.
As jewelers, we can vouch for this philosophy. Instead of purchasing 10 pairs of gold plated hoops that lose their finish with wear, why not purchase 1 pair of real gold hoops? It all makes sense, right?
Here, we have compiled the 5 essentials that every woman should invest in:
1. Studs
Whether you prefer Diamonds, colored stones, or pearls. Invest in a pair of versatile day-to-night studs. They are classy & timeless and WILL last you a lifetime.

diamond cluster stud earrings



2.Gold Hoops
 Hoops are the perfect everyday earring. You can wear them to work looking sleek and professional, and you can wear them with a cute cocktail dress for a night out with the girls!



3. Your signature piece.
The one that makes! Typically, this is a diamond pendant, a charm to remember a certain memory or even a large bangle.



4.Right-hand rings
Aside from an engagement and wedding band a set of everyday rings or a cocktail ring. You can do one larger ring with a colored stone or maybe some engraving. A stack of small set stone or bands is great as well because you can change around how you wear them, making them versatile.



5.A strand of pearls.
There is a reason pearls have become a classic staple in fashion. They go with everything from a shirt and jeans to your little black dress just like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

 multi strand pearls


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