How To Take Care of Your Jewelry

How To take care of your jewelry

Our fine collections are made to be worn and seen, however, with normal wear, you should acknowledge the simple maintenance and safety tips that will keep your jewelry looking fresh.


1. Things to avoid:


YOU may love the pool but your JEWELRY doesn’t. Remove all jewelry prior to diving into a pool. Chlorine can cause metal discoloration in materials like sterling silver, gold and platinum.


During the hot summer days protect your jewelry from UV light and heat. Try not to wear your fine jewelry when you are going to be in the sun for a long duration of time. For delicate materials, like the pearl, excessive heat can cause drying, cracking and discoloration. Whereas gemstones need moisture to obtain their natural beauty. 


Take off jewelry before performing daily tasks. This involves using chemical based products or performing manual labor. Such as: cleaning, working out, cooking, applying beauty products (lotion, hairspray, makeup), gardening, etc. Certain chemicals can strip a piece of jewelry from its natural finish and lotion can build up in the crevices of rings. Hands-on tasks, like lifting weights or outdoor activities, are highly liking to scratch or bend jewelry. 




2. For All It's Worth 



 Better safe than sorry. Insure your jewelry. This is something that many individual’s overlook, however, it will give you a piece of mind. If something did unfortunately happen to your fine jewelry you will have it covered.


A jewelry box is your new best friend. SO many of us in the process of our menial day-to-day tasks simply take our jewelry off and lay in on a dresser. Of course this is an easy, quick storage place; however, it is not the most ideal for fine jewelry. Invest in a jewelry box with separate compartments for different types of jewelry. Jewelry boxes can get pricy so until you are ready to purchase the right one, store your jewelry in the original box you were given when purchasing the piece. 


I always found it so difficult to not only pick out jewelry for a weeklong trip, but to pack it. Prior to purchasing a travel bag that allows separation between types of jewelry, I would waste so much time untangling my necklaces (It's one has time for that!)


Side note: When traveling think about your own safety. Do not wear your most prized pieces through the airport; and do not check them in your suitcase. Rather, bring them in your carry on bag (diamonds are your best friend, keep them close). 



3. Visit your local jeweler 



Jewelry needs maintenance and checkups just like we, as humans, do. Bring your jewelry to a local jeweler at least twice a year for a tune-up. Jewelers have a keen eye for noticing the damage that, us non-jewelers do not see.


4. In Tom Brady We Trust


Take notes from the GOAT. Have more than one. Purchase cheap jewelry for environments like the beach or hands-on activities. Purchase laid-back jewelry for travel or a causal work environment. And of course, visit Silverscape Designs for your fine jewels! 







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