How to tell if she’s ready to marry you? By Sylvie Collection

Women can sometimes seem very illogical and unpredictable. Their “no” means “no” and their “yes’” means “no”. It’s no secret that most women wish to get married to their prince charming. They have been dreaming about it since the moment they watched their first-ever Disney fairy tale movie. But, does she want to share that dream with you? Is she ready to marry you? Does she see you on that white horse coming to sweep her off her feet and take her to a faraway land?

That is the real question, isn’t it?

Well, if you are unsure if she thinks you are husband material or not, here are some signs to look for! If you’ve noticed 3 or more of these signs recently, she is ready for marriage.

Open To Discussing Marriage:

Your girlfriend likes having conversations revolving around the good and bad of marriage. She understands the responsibilities that come with being a lifelong partner and starting a family and isn’t reluctant to take them on. Enjoys discussing with you her idea of a successful marriage and that a long-lasting bond ties two people together forever in love. Think about it, if she weren’t interested in marriage or getting married to you, would she be talking about which Sylvie engagement ring she wants to purchase? Her avoidance would have been a red flag that she isn’t ready to marry you.

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She Treats You Like Family:

If you have been dating for a long period of time, chances are that you might have already introduced each other to your respective families. A clear sign would be her inviting you to family dinners and get gatherings and taking you as her plus-one to weddings. All these activities show how invested she is into the relationship. Furthermore, she shows interest in participating in events celebrated by your family as well. She gets along well with your siblings, gives and takes shopping advice from your mother and is your dad’s favorite.

She Wants Your Opinions on Kids:

If she has causally mentioned children in a few of your conversations and asked you if you’re willing to take on the role of a father indirectly, she is trying to envision you as a husband. If she seems eager and excited about the idea, it means deep down she wishes to get married soon and start a family  – with you! Who knows, she is the one thinking “Is he ready to marry you?”

She Stops To Look At Wedding Dresses:

Whether she’s out shopping with you or with a girlfriend, she can’t seem keep her eyes off those bridal gown boutiques. She occasionally stops by to admire the intricate detail work or the dream train each dress has. How obvious can she be by doing that? Don’t waste any more time before telling her how beautiful she would look in it. In fact, just kneel on one knee right then and there and surprise her in the most unexpected of ways.

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So, Gentlemen, if your girlfriend is showing all these signs, it is time for you to get down on one knee and propose. She is ready to marry you! But you may ask yourself, how to propose? Well, lucky for you we have an article with plenty of ideas right here.

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