Jewelry and Wine the Perfect Pair

This past Friday was June's Arts Night Out, and we had an amazing time at our jewelry and wine pairing night with Provisions. If you were unable to attend the event, here is a recap of what happened, and the fun quiz to pair you with a designer wine pairing from the event. 

The night ran with a presentation of a designer and followed up by the wine that Provisions paired with them. 

First designer up is E.L.Designs. E.L. Designs is led by the visionary and creative Peter Tonjes. They produce fashion-forward, unique jewelry that is designed to provide the wearer a lifetime of happiness and wear! Each piece is wonderfully handcrafted and not mass-produced. You may know E.L. Designs as the former company name Ed Levin Jewelry. Ed Levin was the original designer and jeweler and hired Peter Tonjes. In 2012 Tonjes bought Ed Levin Jewelry and began the transformation into E.L. Designs. That was a little background on the company, now for the essence of the designer, the part we are pairing the wine with! Distinctly alluring, the true essence that embodies every E.L. Designs Ed Levin Studio design. The E.L. Designs Ed Levin Studio vision is to “create a sense of wonder while expressing something significant”. The master jewelers at Ed Levin Studios are artists who consistently carry out that vision through three-dimensional wearable works of art.

Essence: Comfortable, slightly refined and self-assured.

Wine Paired:

  • J. Bouchon "Pais Viejo"
  • Maule Valley, Chile
  • The oldest wine grape in the Americas; ripe red fruit and bright acidity, serious in some ways and playful in others. 

Next designer is Tom Kruskal. 

Tom Kruskal has a background in mathematics, design, and music. He has focused his career on elevating hand-forged jewelry from a craft to an art, and balancing artistic honesty with the integrity of a successful small business. His inspiration includes organic shapes seen in the countryside of New England, the ocean and its fluid ever-changing form, along with his love and appreciation for music and dance.

Essence: Bold and sexy, yet accessible and casual.

The Wine:

  • MontRubi "Black"
  • Penedes, Spain
  • Garnacha from the Catalan coast; dark, ripe fruit but lively acidity, wit floral and spicy background notes.

On to the third designer, Pe Jay Creations. 

PeJay Creations, a 60-year-old family-owned, and operated company. It was cultivated to its current success by Allan Feuer and is run today by his son Mitchell. PeJay prides itself on its designs, quality of production and, most importantly its attention to detail. 

Essence: Classic, Timeless, and always tailored with a twist of excitement.

The Wine: 

  • Chateau Guiraurd "G"
  • Bordeaux, France
  • Utterly classic white Bordeaux; its assertive backbone of acidity holds together a bright citrusy fruit profile and a lightly herbaceous background.

Last but not least Meira T. The beauty of nature and the buzz of NYC come together in the work of Meira Tugendhaft, who lives to create, design and manifest fine jewelry. Her collection reflects her European upbringing along with her love for fashion and her passion for world travel.

Essence: Sassy, street smart and a little brash

The Wine:

  • Domaine de Pallus "Messanges Rouge"
  • Loire Valley, France
  • Cabernet Franc from Chinon; it has a refreshing, light berry fruitiness, and yet also an engaging earthiness and spicy quality.

Now for the quiz! A short and fun quiz that will match you with a designer and wine pairing!

1. Which vacation sounds best?
    • A. Tanning on a tropical beach
    • B. Visiting museums in New York
    • C. Hiking and camping out in nature
    • D. Shopping in Paris 
     2. What are you doing this weekend?
    • A. Seeing a local band in concert
    • B. Taking an art class such as ceramic or painting
    • C. Spending time with the family, probably outside
    • D. Dinner, drinks, and dancing with friends
    3. Choose a pet
    • A. Cat
    • B. No pet
    • C. Dog
    • D. Horse
    4. People will say I often look...
    • A. Creative and bold
    • B. Polished and put together
    • C. Laid back and comfortable
    • D. Stylish and chic
    5. I jazz up an outfit with...
    • A. Bold and fashion forward jewelry, something fun and sexy
    • B. A unique yet timeless necklace, bag, or scarf
    • C. Simple yet beautiful jewelry, soft scarf, or flowy vest
    • D. Fabulous jewels, bags, shoes, and scarves! 
    6. My make-up is...
    • A. Bold, maybe some sparkle
    • B. Classic elegant and a pop of unique like a bold lip
    • C. Simple and natural if any at all
    • D. Glamorous, fun and statement-making


    Tally up your answers...

    Mostly A's: You are Meira T and

    Mostly B's: You are Tom Kruskal and

    Mostly C's: You are E.L. Designs

    Mostly D's: You are Pe Jay Creations

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