Jewelry With Meaning
Classics with individuality. This fall we are seeing designers focus more on practical jewelry that fits into your everyday lifestyle and personality.
Classics like the hoop earrings and cuff bracelets are being redesigned with a  more organic inspired approach. As Massachusetts goldsmith and designer Deborah Richardson says, "Designs that complement the contours of the body".
Deborah Richardson
For the breezy months, we love hoop inspired earrings paired with a lightweight turtle neck and slicked back pony tail. This look compliments the contours of the face.
Deborah works her metals into visually soft and fluid designs. The inspiration behind her theme comes from natures gifts such as, leaves, florals, shells, orbits and linear abstractions. Deborah's incorporation of nature into her designs gives her collection a lively sense of familiarity.


"I have always been drawn to the curved, organic shapes of nature"


Deborah Richardson


Deborah's Gingko leaf collection is simple on the eye with great significance. After the 1945 Atomic Blast in Hiroshima it was predicted nothing would grow for 75 years - the Gingko Tree was the only surviving species. This demonstration of resilience is seen through the symbolic meanings associated with the Gingko todayDeborah Richardson 
  • Strength and Longevity: With a little persistence and resilience, anything is possible.
  • Dualistic Quality - The Two Lobbed Leaf represents the Ying and Yang: Two halves that together create wholeness.
Deborah's collection reminds us to be mindful - appreciate the organic beauty of nature and recognize that there is familiarity in all that changes. We think, at Silverscape Designs, the most important trend is to take something and make it your own.
Individuality is key.
Click Here to view Deborah Richardson's Pieces
October 04, 2017 by Cecily M
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Samia Ambaanae

Samia Ambaanae said:

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