September is For Sapphires

There is something special about a deep blue sapphire stone, it carries a sense of elegance. Perhaps this connotation comes from the leading ladies of England...Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Princess Diana's Sapphire ring (now Kate Middleton's) has become an iconic piece in the Royal Family. Long before these leading ladies, the Sapphire was worshiped by ancient cultures; some believing the world sat atop a giant Sapphire Stone. Then, the Sapphire symbolized a calming spirit with healing powers to protect those most close to you. Now, the sapphire is known for carrying traits of wisdom, virtue, faithfulness and s i n c e r i t y.


September is for Sapphires


The sapphire ranks 9 out of 10 on Moh's Scale of hardness, meaning, sapphires will not scratch like other stones that rank lower do.


From its durability to its rich color, the sapphire will bring you through all four seasons. Next time you are thinking about purchasing jewelry keep the sapphire in mind.



Here are some of our favorites!


1. Art Deco Sapphire Ring

James Breski Sapphire Art Deco Ring

Designer: James Breski
Metal: Platinum
Sapphire: .71 carat total weight
Diamonds: .11 cart total weight
Price: $6,150

2. Classic Solitaire

 Coast Diamond Sapphire Ring
Designer: Coast Diamond
Metal: 18 Karat White Gold
Sapphire: 3.64 carat total weight
Diamonds: .10 carat total weight
Price: $20,400   

3. Kate Middleton Inspired Sapphire

Kate Middleton Inspired Sapphire Ring

Designer: James Breski
Metal: Platinum
Sapphire: 6.14 carat total weight
Diamonds: 14 diamonds = 1.81 carat total weight
Price: $ 43,000

4. Tension Set Sapphire

 Steven Kretchmer Sapphire Ring
 Designer: Steven Kretchmer
Metal: Platinum/Yellow Gold
Sapphire: .39 carat total weight
Price: $4400

5. Sapphire Band

 Silverscape Designs Sapphire Ring
 Designer: Silverscape Designs (us!)
Metal: 18 karat white gold + platinum
Sapphire: .64 carat total weight
Diamond: .99 carat total weight
Price: $5995


We are celebrating Sapphire Season the whole month of September. Get 15% off in-store or online! (use code: SAPPHIRE15) for your online discount.



September 01, 2017 by Cecily M

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