Synthetic Vs Natural Diamonds

multiple synthetic diamondsSynthetic round diamondYou finally found the special one, congrats! Now the daunting task of finding a ring and diamond that is as perfect as your love. Synthetic vs natural is the question right now when searching for the right engagement ring is it not? There is so much information out there right now your head can start spinning trying to figure out what the right option is. Silverscape Designs has dug through the mountain of information out there, so that you don’t have to. Here is what you need to know when it comes to synthetic and natural diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are grown in a lab, and not to be confused with simulated diamonds. Synthetic diamonds have the same chemical structure as natural diamonds, whereas simulated diamonds do not. In the industry right now the main concern is documentation and disclosure of synthetic diamonds. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and De Beers have been working hard to create ways to make sure synthetic stones can be detected.

Natural diamond are formed in the ground from intense heat and pressure. It is a substance that is made of carbon and has a crystal structure. It takes years and years for diamonds to form in nature, and each one is unique, kind of like a snowflake. That is part of the draw of buying a natural diamond, you know you are getting a truly unique, one of a kind stone that no one else has. You don’t have that with synthetics. They are grown in labs in a controlled environment and batches of the synthetic diamonds can be the same. When you buy a synthetic diamond, there may be someone out there with a diamond just like yours, they are not unique. The best way to ensure you are getting a natural diamond is ask for a certificate with your diamond.

Multiple Natural Diamonds in Different Cuts.Sample of a GIA Certificate for a diamond

With the time and process of natural diamonds being formed the value of the stone accrues with time. Natural diamonds are heirloom pieces that stand the test of time, just like your love. Synthetic diamonds do not accrue in value, because the labs are continually producing more synthetic diamonds, with the same markup.

You may be hearing the negative talk about the natural diamond industry being bad for the environment. This is not true, the industry is consistently working towards making the industry more economically, socially and environmentally friendly. They are trying to make a positive and lasting contribution to the environment and communities in which they operate. The industry is using modern mining methods along with clinical approaches to sustainability of mining and therefore the impact is being minimized, along with bringing benefits to the communities and countries they are mining in. Many mines are managed to the ISO 14001 standards of environmental management along with Environmental Impact Assessments and Social Impact Assessments, meaning there are a lot of different checks in place to make sure these mines are not leaving any lasting harmful effects on the environment. Most of the mines even have energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in place. They are monitoring their energy and carbon emissions, they are installing timers on boilers, shutting of pressurized fans over the weekends and even using battery-powered vehicles that don’t emit harmful gases. Another concern of the diamond mining process is the disruption of ecosystems (wildlife and plant life). Mines have processes in place to ensure that the mining areas are put back to the original state. Working with seed banks and conservation programs to bring the site back to a healthy thriving state once mining is finished. Most of the mines are even training and educating natives in the areas of the mines, bringing jobs and higher functioning economy into under privileged areas.

As you can see there is a lot of documentation of how the diamond industry takes action to correct or even prevent environmental and social affects mining can have. This same transparency and documentation is not seen with synthetic diamonds so we do not know for sure how ‘eco-friendly’ they are.

Silverscape Designs stands behind our natural diamonds knowing that they are ethically sourced. We are here to find the perfect diamond for you and your love knowing that it will become an heirloom passed down for generations to come!



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