The Best Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

With mother’s day around the corner, now is the time to find the perfect gift for her. We all know mom deserves the world, so finding a gift for her can seem almost impossible. Lucky for you we have many options that mom will love! We have pulled together some of our favorite options from jewelry to giftware.

LOLA designs and creates beautiful, high quality, handcrafted pendants which mark important moments in people’s lives. With meaningful symbols including angels, compasses, Celtic knots and so much more. Many of the pendants also include inspirational words engraved on the back, further instilling every individual piece with love, making a LOLA pendant the perfect gift for mom this mother’s day. Here are some of our favorite options.

  • Is your mom a beach lover? Then the sand dollar and the compass are for her. Both pendants are also engraved on the back, saying ‘My Heart Is In The Sands’ on the sand dollar and ‘Follow The Direction Of Your Heart’ on the back of the compass. Give your mom a piece of her favorite place to carry with her!

  • If your mom is a pet lover the paw print pendant comes in multiple metal and color options. The back is engraved with ‘Fiercely loyal’. Perfect for the mom that also has a fur baby!

Is your mom a nature lover? Then our beautiful EAM collection is for her. Elise Moran pulls inspiration from nature’s perfect design. She translates the complex and balanced forms that she sees in nature into small metal sculptures to be worn.

  • The apple blossom necklace. This lovely piece is made in sterling silver and is available in three different stone options, so you can pick the one that is just right for your mom.

  • Tulip pin in sterling silver. The tulip is the classic flower of love, and expresses joy! Perfect for mom.

‘It is one of my favorite challenges to see a beautiful flower or branch and to figure out how to recreate it in silver and gold’ Elise Moran.

Charms are timeless collectibles that can be passed down for generations. We have a beautiful collection of Rembrant Charms that each tell a unique story from sentimental to amusing, they are a great way to collect and share memories.

  • #1 mom. Thank your mom for all she does and let her know that she is your number one!

  • Love You More. Give mom the perfect reminder of how much you love her. This way she can carry your love with her always.

  • Best Friends. Is your mom your best friend? That is awesome! Let her know this mother’s day with a best friend charm (maybe get one for yourself as well so you and mom can match).

  • The sunflower. Golden bright the sunflower symbolizes adoration, loyalty, and longevity. What a great description of moms!

If your mom is not a jewelry wearer don’t fret, we have something for her. Our collection of Simon Pearce is a customer and staff favorite. From hand-thrown pottery to lead-free crystal glassware.

  • The Glass Pineapple. The pineapple is an artisanal icon of warmth and hospitality which is perfect for mom and works for a beach lover as well.

  • Highgate Heart Small Vase. Show mom love with this beautiful heart shaped vase. Extra points if you present the vase to her filled with her favorite flowers!

  • For the beach lover mom, there are a few different beautiful sand dollar pieces. The sand dollar bowl, sand dollar tea light, and the sand dollar platter. She will be recalling lazy days wandering by the waves. These three pieces really capture the radial symmetry of the iconic echinoderms.

Mova globes represent a simple virtue to encourage people to stop for a moment in the motions of life and appreciate the world around them. Our mini Mova globes make great gifts, they are reasonably priced and come in a variety of patterns so there is something for every type of mom! Here are our picks for mother’s day.

  • Irises mini Mova globe. This is a spherical interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s exquisite irises painting. The petite globe’s curved shape and continuous rotation help to underscore the strong contours, flowing silhouettes, and vivid colors of the flowers.

  • Harvest mini Mova globe. This is an expansive spherical interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting depicting wheat fields around Ares, France. The design recreates the structured wheat and mauve-blue mountain layers while extending the harvest scene around the globe to detail to the vastness of the land.

  • Blue hearts mini Mova globe. This is a fanciful twist on the classic world map. Featuring a white ocean design embellished with swirling accents, metallic continents, and Prussian blue heart patterns. Show your mom she means the world to you!

Maybe your mom already has all the beautiful jewels she could ever want. We might argue that there is always something new and beautiful to add to your collection, however, we do have a lovely collection of jewelry boxes for the woman who already has all the jewelry she wants. They come in varying sizes and colors and many have meaningful sayings engraved on them. We also have beautiful handmade cards here in the store along with complimentary gift wrapping, making us your one-stop shop for mother’s day.

We have so many wonderful options for mom that we could go on and on here. The best way to see it all is to come into the store and let one of our knowledgeable staff help you find just the thing! So let us know, what are you getting mom for mother’s day this year?

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