Traveling With Jewelry

Summer is finally here and that means vacations and traveling for many. The idea of traveling with jewelry can seem overwhelming. From worrying about pieces being lost or stolen, and of course, there is the hassle of packing the jewelry without it getting tangled. Don’t worry, we are here to give you some tips and trade secrets on how to have a worry free time!

There are some important ways to help protect your precious jewelry while traveling and it starts before you even leave! To start we recommend pieces over $1000 to be insured. Having insurance on your more valuable pieces can give peace of mind while traveling that if something does happen, you will be able to replace it. Make sure your policy is up-to-date with current appraisals. While you are packing and choosing which pieces you will be taking with you make sure to document them. Make a list of the pieces and take pictures. Having the documentation and images of the pieces you packed will be helpful if you do unfortunately have to report them stolen to the police or to your insurance. Once you've decided which pieces are going with you, make sure you are either wearing them or they are packed in your carry on (if flying,). Do not check your pieces with your luggage.  Keeping the pieces with you while in transit helps prevent them from getting lost or stolen before even arriving at your destination.

While in transit and on vacation be careful about what you post on social media. It is smarter not to post pictures of you wearing your high-end expensive jewelry on vacation, especially don’t post pictures of you wearing your jewels and tag the location of where you are. If you are traveling somewhere warm and tropic avoid swimming in your jewelry. The beach is the number one place that jewelry goes missing or is stolen. Swimming in colder water can shrink your fingers and change your ring size and you may lose your stunning ring in the pool or the ocean. For jewelry you are not wearing that day, do not leave your pieces out in your room, pack it away and use the room’s safe if you have one for the more expensive pieces.

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When it comes to traveling with jewelry there are two things to try and keep in mind. Packing less expensive pieces means, that if they are lost you are not as upset, these pieces are less likely to be stolen as well. For necklaces and earrings consider packing one statement piece for each that will work with multiple outfits. This means you are going to be wearing it almost all of the time or it will be in the safe for the times you are say swimming. The above tips and tricks can help with other pieces you feel you just can’t live without during your many travels.



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