What can I do with old jewelry?


It's an early Saturday morning and you decide to go through all your old jewelry that has been sitting around for years. The first step is knowing what you have in your jewelry box.


What Can I Do with My Old Jewelry?


If it is fine jewelry that was bestowed on you from family and friends, be sure to know what it is worth. To do so, consider getting your jewelry appraised. Appraisals give you a detailed summary and will help you decide what exactly you want to do with the jewelry. 


What can I do with my old jewelry?



1. Update: Remounting stones into new, fashionable current trends will give your precious jewelry a new, fresh look and feel. This is a very common option among individuals who have sentimental pieces close to their heart; these pieces that have been stagnant for years are perfect options for remounting.



2. Repair:  Don't underestimate the power of a good repair. If your jewelry does not have too much wear-and-tear within its original setting, a good repair and cleaning can make jewelry look sparkling. Many common repairs include, re-strung necklaces (like pearls), metal updating, tightening, fixing broken links/prongs. If the setting of an original piece is so fragile that it causes stress to the stone, we will suggest a remount of the stone into a new setting.



3. Merge or Sell: Many individuals let jewelry from previous relationships lie around and collect dust. A great option for this type of situation is to give the gem a new life (literally and figuratively). A stone can be remounted into different types of jewelry, settings and designs. Or a common option is to sell the entire piece if it no longer holds a place in your heart.

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