Why should I give my email address and birthday at checkout?

"Can I get your email address?" is a far too familiar term to us devoted shoppers. Prior to being behind-the-scenes of Silverscape Designs I was always under the impression that giving your email address and birthday at checkout meant an unnecessary amount of "junk mail" cluttering your inbox.

Boy was I wrong....

Along with an email address, often times, a birthday or anniversary date are compiled into the system to give perks to customers!

How Does This Benefit The Customer?

Take Sephora for example, all Beauty Insiders are eligible to redeem a gift during their birthday month *insert sample-sized Stilla Lipstick*. They are not the only ones hopping on the bandwagon of this trend....We are too!

Does this mean I get a Sample Diamond Ring?!?

Unfortunately, no. However, jewelers love giving customers the perks they deserve on their special days. After all, it's only your birthday or anniversary once-a-year....

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too


Why should i give my email address at checkout




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