Sharon Freeman

     From the late 1960's in California and the heart of Vermont since the 1977, J & S Freeman Ltd. have always taken pride and pleasure in offering  unique and timeless jewelry. 
"In the early years being self taught metalsmiths, working in humble surroundings, we were hand making our pieces in silver and copper with shells and beads. Traveling around the nation wholesaling and doing craft shows was the way of life, we loved it! Throughout the years we honed our skills and naturally transitioned into finer work. In the early 80's we switched to gold and with a deep breath embarked on a path that has led us to the collection of work we present to you today.    
 From our hillside studio in Vermont we continue to design and handwork our line of earrings, bracelets and pendants. They are described by many of our customers as "fun", "very wearable" and "their favorite pieces". Our designs  are equally everyday, go-to pieces as well a beautiful compliment to evening attire. We describe our work as "classic with a contemporary flair".  - Sharon Freeman