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Silverscape Designs Northampton Mass


Silverscape Designs is a landmark in Northampton. Located at the corner of King and Main Streets in a 1928 Art Deco bank building, the reserved exterior belies the stunning interior with its stained glass ceiling and dramatic ornamentation. It is ironic, with such a sumptuous stage for diamonds and jewelry, that Silverscape Designs was actually started in the back of a school bus. Founder, Denis Perlman, began making jewelry while attending MIT. He soon noticed he spent much more time designing than studying, so he decided to take his jewelry show on the road. After outfitting the school bus with a shop, he criss-crossed the United State several times.


Denis Perlman

When he tired of this peripatetic existence, he came to rest in Amherst, Massachusetts and in 1976 opened his first non-mobile store. Denis lovingly converted a large Victorian house into an ever larger and larger jewelry shop. The store and stock grew so much that he could say, without fear of contradiction, that it contained the largest collection of handmade jewelry in New England.

A decade later, he expanded with a location in Northampton and it was here that he created his masterpiece. The corner of King and Main has been occupied by a bank since 1865 and it was on this site that the First National Bank built its Art Deco palace.

Silverscape Designs is proud of its tradition of selling handmade jewelry, especially by American artists, and proud of its beautiful building which in itself is a monument to craftsmanship.




At Silverscape Designs we take pride in our ability to provide our customer's with exceptional service. We are a passionate team of jewelers who strive to turn each individual's visions into reality. We love and appreciate our customers, delivering them with the true beauty of our collections.  



We have a vision to let our collections be more than just jewelry. We want our jewelry to allow each individual to express themselves uniquely. We continue to keep our well-respected name of Silverscape Designs and allow every customer that walks in our doors to feel special. Our core brand value is to understand that each individual has their own vision and taste, further allowing us to deliver you with jewelry specifically chosen for you. 


Thank you to our faithful customers for letting us

share our love for jewelry with you.