Massachusetts Custom Designs Jewelry
We are called Silverscape "Designs" for good reason. We take pride in our ability to create a ring unique to the wearer.
Custom Design Process:
1. Listening: We pride ourselves in listening to our customers. We will learn about you and your preferred style to make your dream piece an everlasting reality.
2. Sketches: After you explain your ring we will start with sketches so you can visualize the piece. 
3. Design Options: We'll show you design options and then take you through the steps of fabrication from the raw materials.
4. Wax Model: Our jewelers will create a wax carving for you to try on
5. The Last Step: We will mold, cast, polish and set the ring
6. Pick-up and Enjoy!

 Our commitment to unique handcrafted designs started with our founder, Denis Perlman, who began his career at the bench and who always insisted on having the finest craftspeople in our workshop. Our three most popular diamond settings were all created by Denis.

Have you thought about bringing back to life a piece of jewelry handed down in your family? Our designers and jewelers can create a custom remounted or redesigned piece using your heirloom.
Massachusetts Custom Design