Disana Lapis and Sterling Silver Necklace


SKU: NL2277

The name "lapis lazuli" originally comes from Persian and means "blue stone". The blue of this opaque stone ranges from pure ultramarine blue to lighter hues. Bright, white bearings come from calcite and reduce quality. The very popular gold-coloured deposits come from the Pyrite and are reminiscent of stars in the sky. The exceptionally good quality processed by Bernd Wolf comes from the Hindu Kush between Russia and Afghanistan. From June to November, Lapis lazuli will be mined at an altitude of 3,500 to 5,500 metres. There are large deposits of low quality in Siberia on Lake Baikal and in Chile. The lapis lazuli was already considered a sacred stone in antiquity and was appreciated by many cultures because of its positive properties. It is designed to protect against the evil gaze and help with gout, blood diseases and insomnia. It is seen as an ideal stone of friendship that stands for stability. He is credited with increasing the energy of will and helpfulness and of protecting against bad influences.

elegant Lapislazuli and 925 Sterling Silver 11mm

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