Medium Boxwood Earrings (3 Stone Options)


Brand EAM
SKU: EBT05684

Designer: Elise Moran of EAM studios

"I am most inspired by nature’s perfect design.  Since 1993, I have explored translating the complex and balanced forms that I see in nature, into small metal sculptures to be worn and to adorn." - Elise Moran

Stone Variations:

  • Blue Topaz
  • Peridot
  • Amethyst


  • Handcrafted in sterling silver

Made in Portsmouth, NH


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions!

  • (413) 584-3324


How to Clean: 

Clean jewelry with warm water and a mild soap to remove dirt and oils.  An old toothbrush can be great to get into nooks and crevices.  
Or use and old toothbrush and baking soda with a little water (a thick paste)to clean and brighten jewelry.

*always rinse and dry jewelry thoroughly.

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